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Edo Kiriko detail here【江戸切子

With a novel design
Creating a new generation of Edo Kiriko 

Founded in 1971, Mitsuwa Glass Crafts is known as a "maker" with many craftsmen in the Edo Kiriko workshop. Edo Kiriko made by hand one by one. By creating products using each craftsman's technology, we were able to prepare a line of general-purpose products that are relatively easy to obtain.
Another characteristic of Mitsuwa Glass is that there are many young craftsmen. Many craftsmen in their 20s and 30s gather and hone their skills every day. There is also a will to proactively solve the "shortage of successors" that Japanese traditional crafts have as a whole, and to pass on the tradition of Edo Kiriko to the next generation.
Among the young people who sympathize with such thoughts and continue to practice at Mitsuwa Glass Crafts, there is one Edo Kiriko traditional craftsman who has only 18 people. A traditional craftsman of Edo Kiriko who requires at least 12 years of work. The reason why the craftsmen who got such a title are growing up even though they are young is probably because the desire to become the "next generation craftsman" of Mitsuwa Glass Crafts is firmly inherited. 


While making the best use of traditional techniques
Attention is paid to products with modern sensibilities

Edo Kiriko of Mitsuwa Glass Crafts is a traditional pattern, but many of them have a bold design that renews the image and a design that considers fine work. For example, a checkered glass is not a fine checkered pattern, but a glass that is divided into upper and lower parts and carved into a checkered pattern. The glass has a simpler and more powerful design. In addition, the popular Fuji cherry blossom pattern is made to take advantage of the characteristic of glass that it is "transparent", and when a surface with Mt. Fuji is placed on the front, it looks like the moon is hanging over it. It can be said that these are also Edo Kiriko created by the sensibilities of young craftsmen.
Under such circumstances, Mitsuwa Glass Crafts worked on Tokyo handicrafts. The Edo Kiriko glass, which a young designer and a young craftsman worked on in collaboration with each other, carved a traditional Edo Kiriko pattern, and the novel design that had never been seen before in Edo Kiriko became a hot topic.
Creating products with modern sensibilities while using traditional designs and techniques. The challenge of connecting Edo Kiriko to the next generation can be felt from the products of Mitsuwa Glass Crafts. 

Buyer's Voice  

Edo Kiriko to create and raise young fans

Edo Kiriko of Mitsuwa Glass Crafts, which has many products that make use of young sensibilities. The line of general-purpose products, which can only be achieved by having many craftsmen, is also the entrance to the world of Edo Kiriko for the younger generation. As young people acquire the brilliance unique to Edo Kiriko and incorporate it into their own lives, new fans of Edo Kiriko will grow. Not only craftsmen but also consumers are raised. I feel that such a virtuous cycle is also born.
Among them, Edo Kiriko "Harekiriko", a product targeted for Tokyo handicraft support, is a new product that proposes not only design and usability but also how to use it as a "gift". The cute cylindrical gift box, which is reminiscent of the design of the Kiriko glass inside, is so complete that you want to decorate only the package. Perfect for gifts for women and wedding gifts.