Hokuyo Glass [Tsugaru Vidro]

 Japan's leading "floating ball" technology 
 A vessel that colors your life

Hokuyo Glass, founded in 1945, manufactured floating balls for the fishing industry. Company. With the technology to manufacture durable floating balls, it has become the top manufacturer in Japan. However, plastic floating balls began to be made, and glass floating balls declined. Hokuyo Glass was also in danger of survival.
In such a case, can we make another one by making the best use of our high technology? Taking a step forward with that in mind became the driving force behind the revival of Hokuyo Glass. The strength of Hokuyo Glass is the "air blowing" technique cultivated through many years of floating ball manufacturing.
The technology for forming soft curves with blown glass has created glassware for daily life, such as glass and vessels with a handmade feel that is unique to airblowing, and oil lamps. The series of handmade glass named "Tsugaru Vidro" has become a product that colors our lives with its soft and beautiful appearance.

Efforts to explore new technologies, high quality, and technical capabilities have attracted attention from different industries, and Starbucks has ordered original glass production. Glasses that express the world of Starbucks while maintaining the texture of Tsugaru Vidro were so popular that they were hard to find in stores and became a hot topic.
The beginning is a search for survival. The conversion from BtoB to BtoC has become a major innovation for Hokuyo Glass, and has created many fans as a new craft.

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Delicate colored glass that conveys the colors of the four seasons of Tsugaru 
One of the characteristics of Hokuyo Glass is that each colored glass is made by ourselves. That is. Soft and delicate colored glass is necessary to express the four seasons of Japan. By repeating the subtle color mix, he produced thousands of colored glasses. 
Products made by the technique of wrapping colored glass around blown glass are not exactly the same even if they are made in the same way. Even if the colors are similar, each one is unique in the world, such as how the glass flows and how it is arranged. Therefore, it can be said that it is a perfect craft for gifts. 
In addition, the slightly thick texture unique to handmade glass makes you feel warm. The chubby texture is similar to the warmth and kindness of the people of Aomori who make Tsugaru Vidro. 
Buyer's Voice 
The challenge of young craftsmen creates 
the one and only glass 
Tsugaru Vidro for the first time At that time, I felt the weight and the irresistible charm of the dull feeling. I especially like the texture of the "Nebuta" series. 
The vivid but Japanese-style color glass is also nice, as if the color of the Nebuta Festival fits in your hand. I feel that it will color the table and add to the flavor of what you put in. Because it is made by wrapping colored glass, the only feeling that the same thing cannot be made is added, and I also want to enjoy the special feeling that it is my own. 
Many of the craftsmen who make Tsugaru Vidro are young. I was surprised that it was a passionate site where craftsmen from other regions gathered to build an industry. Young sensibility and challenging spirit express the colors of Japan's four seasons on glass. I feel that the day when the beauty of Japan created by Tsugaru Vidro will be transmitted to the world and loved will not be long.