Yamada Glass [Edo Kiriko]

The world is paying attention
Delicate straight lines and soft curves.
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Edo Kiriko, which is also designated as a traditional craft, has many workshops with various characteristics. One of them is "Glazer Yamada Glass", which has a workshop in Sumida Ward. It is a workshop of Edo Kiriko that has been in business for 80 years. The charm is the original design drawn with delicate straight lines and soft curves. Combined with the technique of Hana Kiriko, which cuts the glass surface thinly, Edo Kiriko, a unique pattern that adds a new sensibility to traditional patterns, and glasses depicting cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji, which symbolize Japan, are being transmitted to the world.

Edo Kiriko and Hana Kiriko,
"Glazier" with two technologies

Characteristics of Yamada Glass The technique of Kiriko and Hana Kiriko. The origin of this was Emanuel Hoptmann, a craftsman of cutting techniques who introduced the technique of cut glass from England in the Meiji era. He taught the Gravile technique of pressing glass against a polishing turntable to engrave delicate and graceful patterns. It is said that one person who learned this technique from Hoptman was Mr. Eitaro Yamada, the roots of Yamada Glass, which has a history of 80 years.
The technique of Edo Hanakiri, which is one of the characteristics of Yamada Glass, was born from the hint of the inherited Gravile technique. Hana Kiriko is a technique that sharpens the surface of glass very shallowly. He is good at drawing flowers and landscapes with soft curves.
"Yamada Glass is one of the few workshops that has craftsmen who make full use of both Edo Kiriko and Hana Kiriko techniques," says Masateru III. Edo Kiriko, which combines the two techniques, creates a unique world view in which boldness and delicacy, straight lines and curves are mixed.

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For young people, to the world, living with Edo Kiriko

Currently playing a central role in Yamada Glass Is the third generation, Mr. Masateru. Teruo, the predecessor, is a master craftsman who has won numerous awards, including the grand prize of the "Japanese Glass Exhibition". Mr. Masateru, who succeeded Mr. Teruo, was also searching for a new expression of Edo Kiriko with high technology. In recognition of the results, he was selected as one of the 51 masters in the "LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT" conducted by Toyota Motor Corporation in 2017.

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"By incorporating Edo Kiriko into our daily lives, we want to make our daily lives a little more gorgeous and enjoyable," says Masateru. That is why he continues to make practical products with gorgeous brilliance, not works of art. The thoughts of the craftsmen are engraved on each product. There are many people who feel the value exceeds the price, and many people buy it as a gift for foreigners or as a souvenir of celebration.

Buyer's Voice

Bring the charm of Kiriko to the world!
I want to support the challenge of the third generation

One of the things that attracted me as a buyer is the design unique to Yamada Glass. There are also works that are not bound by the image of Edo Kiriko, such as combining small polka dots with chrysanthemum connecting sentences and octagonal tilings with thin lines, and designs that make use of the characteristics of "colored glass" consisting of multiple colored glass layers. There are many. When I saw the glass carved with a perfect combination of thin lines and powerful and smooth curves, I was wondering what kind of person would design it like this. The sensuality of the undulating curve and the delicacy of the ball connection. So, I was surprised at the ruggedness of the third generation who met me and talked about the work.
"To young people, to the world, living with Edo Kiriko". Yamada Glass, who thinks so, is actively engaged in collaboration projects with craftsmen of other genres and sake breweries. They are also actively expanding overseas, such as demonstrating and selling in "Songshan Cultural and Creative Park," which is popular as a spot where design miscellaneous goods and fashionable cafes are gathered in Taiwan.
The first step of "Edo Kiriko of Yamada Glass, which the world is paying attention to". As a Japanese crafts hall, I would like to support that challenge.