Japanese craftsman finish

C&L TRASCO provides products that are useful for business and daily life to people around the world.

"Tradition" that has been nurtured over time. And it has a history created by craftsmen.

We at C&L TRASCO will continue to work together with the craftsmen who continue to preserve this tradition.



Graduation Goods

Initiatives for environmental issues

As part of our Green Project, we are taking a small step to reduce the use of paper made from trees in consideration of environmental issues.

Green project details

『Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather』

In Tuscany, Italy, there are 19 tanneries that belong to the Vegetable Tannin Association. C&L TRASCO carefully selects the most suitable leather for its products from three companies: ``Conceria la Bretagna'', ``Tempesti'', and ``MONTANA''. You can enjoy the original texture and scent of leather.

Italian Leather