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"Tradition" that has been nurtured over time. Leather products also have a history of being spun by craftsmen.

C&L TRASCO is working with craftsmen who continue to maintain that tradition.

Traditional Skills

Leather Type & Series


We use Nume leather that has both firm hardness and moist softness. Finished with a technique called "oil pull-up", which is given plenty of oil, you can enjoy the natural shine and smooth texture.


Using Nume leather with a tension and gloss finish on the surface, it has a more urban image than the "Classic" series. You can enjoy a more sophisticated and mature atmosphere.


The same leather as the "Classic" series, but with deep wrinkles on the shoulders and neck, and areas with many blood lines and scratches. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the vintage atmosphere and the original look of leather.


We give wrinkles to the leather and use softly finished Nume leather. It is familiar to the hand from the beginning and is lighter and less likely to be scratched than the "Classic" and "City" series.

CP (Carbon Pattern)

The outside is made of Himeji leather with a carbon pattern. With a beautiful geometric finish, you can enjoy the sporty atmosphere unique to the carbon pattern. The stitches are subtly "modern gray" in anticipation of the effect of tightening the overall impression. By combining the leather of the "City" series on the inside, warm leather is finished into a product with an inorganic image.


We use leather with a grain pattern on Himeji leather. Since it is more resistant to scratches and less likely to change over time than Nume leather, it is easier to handle even though it is genuine leather. By using colorful leather and stitching, the profound feeling is suppressed and the impression is light.


Using Italian leather tanned with vegetable tannins, it is finished like a luxurious work of art. The textured pattern on the surface is very delicate, and you can enjoy a unique texture and aging like no other. The more you use it, the more glossy it becomes and the deeper it becomes, and the expression changes like the antique furniture you have used.


Laser lettering option

Laser characters can be used to insert not only names but also "messages", "dates" and marks on anniversaries and gifts. (1,620 yen including tax)


Name stamp

A special leather product will be presented with a message and name engraved on the important "anniversary". Also, date the turning points in your life, such as promotion. There is a limit to the number of characters. (free)



We will deliver only one leather product to you.