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"Tradition" that has been nurtured over time. Leather products also have a history of being spun by craftsmen.

C&L TRASCO is working with craftsmen who continue to maintain that tradition.

About making products for student awards

At our shop, we are thinking of products that can cooperate with student awards.

Many people read books such as specialized books, business books, and novels even after going out into society, and genuine leather book covers and notebook covers are good items to motivate. We have received a voice saying that.

The genuine leather book cover with the logo of your school is the only memorable item you can't get anywhere else.

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Name stamp

A special leather product will be presented with a message and name engraved on the important "anniversary". Also, date the turning points in your life, such as promotion. There is a limit to the number of characters. (free)

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We will deliver only one leather product to you.

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