Collection: Vegetable tannin tanned cowhide

Nume leather is made by tanning the leather using plant-derived tannins (vegetable tannins, vegetable tannins) without processing the surface (silver surface) of the leather. (Changes from leather to leather) Therefore, it is characterized by wrinkles (tigers), scratches, blood lines, etc., which are the original taste of leather. Also, although the leather itself is durable, please note that the surface is easily scratched and stains are easily caused by getting wet. In addition, the color will change due to ultraviolet rays and sebum of the hands with use, so please understand these characteristics and enjoy aging.

* Dyed Nume leather has different shades even in the lot and the same leather place, and there are almost no products with the same expression.

* In our shop, we use Italian leather and Tochigi leather, which are tanned with vegetable tannins.