Company Profile

Company name: Tradescope Co., Ltd.

Representative: Masanori Kirihara

Address: 〒234-0051
      2F, 7-2-7 Hino, Konan-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL. 045-374-3839, FAX. 045-367-8807

Capital: 4 million yen

Established: April 5, 2011

Business details: Operation of “C&L TRASCO”
    Planning, manufacturing, purchasing, and sales of various products and leather products
      Production of original products for schools and companies

Eligible invoice issuing business registration number: Obtained

About trademarks: C<RASCO is a registered trademark of Tradescope Co., Ltd.

Company policy: We aim to be a company that helps our customers and society through the products and services we provide.