About the series and the characteristics of the leather

Italian Leather:

『Conceria la Bretagna』:「Antique」series

The culture of vegetable-tanned leather
The tanner said. We are a Tuscan family-run tannery specializing in high quality natural leather since 1961. Our father, Giovanni Testi, is the founder of Concieria La Bretagna and has for many years passed on to us the culture, love, passion and experience of vegetable tanning, the oldest tanning method in the world. It can be said to be his great achievement. During production, we only use plant extracts derived from renewable materials. Materials such as nuts, bark, leaves, and tree extracts are also used in food, wine, cosmetics, and therapeutic medicine. Vegetable-tanned leather is made over time according to the laws of art, and water and various tannins, which are the source of life, are essential ingredients.

Now, let's talk about ``nature'', which we look up to as our master. Everything in nature speaks to us, and through these teachings we have developed a deep respect for nature, and we have come to understand the meaning of the term "eco-sustainable." Based on this, our leather is metal-free, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic, flame retardant, holds its shape even once wet, and is easy to emboss. Essentially, vegetable-tanned leather is a natural temperature regulator. It can be applied to a wide range of applications, from high-quality leather products to shoes, belts to horse saddles, interior decoration, flooring, and ship interiors.

The words ``We pursue beauty in all things, and nature is our source of inspiration'' reflect who we are. That's why we don't like mass production or globalization in general. Our products are authentically "Made in Italy". Everything is produced in our beautiful region of Tuscany.

※Vachetta manufacturing method: This is a traditional Italian natural leather manufacturing method in which leather is tanned with natural tannins extracted from plants and then soaked with oil over time.


Over 70 years since we started our business, we have adopted a strategy that allows us to offer our customers cutting-edge items that meet the fashion and style needs of the moment, while always respecting nature.

The most innovative technical processes combined with the best craftsmanship traditions allow us to produce high-quality leather, characterized by unparalleled naturalness and softness.

This long and expensive manufacturing process may seem inappropriate for a good market strategy, but given the success achieved by our products, we feel encouraged to move in this direction. Masu.

Environmental protection and the desire to obtain leather with natural features and appearance led us to vegetable production. All our products are made in accordance with the specifications laid down by the members and founding members of the Consorzio Bella Pere Italiana Consciata Alvegitale.

Tochigi-leather:We are a long-established tanner representing Japan, and we tan our products using all natural vegetable tanning methods. Because it is colored only with dye, you can enjoy the original expression and aging of the leather. It is also characterized by the presence of wrinkles, blood lines, and scars.

We use three types of Tochigi leather with different finishes. "Classic", "City", "Shrink", "Vintage" These are used separately for each series.

※Since it is colored only with dye, there may be slight color variations depending on the lot and location.

※"Classic" and "Vintage" These are made from the same type of leather, but the parts are different.

Himeji Leather:We are a tannery located in the Himeji area on the western side of Japan, and we use synthetically tanned leather made with vegetable tannins and chrome, which has been embossed.

"CP" and "Style-colors" are colored with pigments, so they have a relatively clean surface with few scratches.They are also characterized by being less prone to scratches and less likely to change over time like tanned leather.

At our store, we use different types of embossing and color variations, dividing them into the "CP" and "Style-colors" series.

※"CP" and "Style" are used only on the outside.

"Zeaba" is tanned using a method similar to tanned leather, so the wrinkles and veins that are the original look of leather remain. In addition, it has been treated with antibacterial treatment, which is rare for genuine leather.

・About the product series

・Antique:Made from vegetable-tanned Italian leather, it has a luxurious work of art finish. The grain pattern on the surface is very delicate, and you can enjoy the unique texture and aging that you won't find anywhere else. The more you use it, the more it becomes glossy and has a deeper depth, changing its appearance like antique furniture.

・Diago:This notebook is designed with the image of ancient Italy in mind, using vegetable-tanned Italian leather. Unique Italian leather.

・CP (Carbon Pattern): The outside is made of Himeji leather with a carbon pattern. With a beautiful geometric finish, you can enjoy the sporty atmosphere unique to carbon patterns. The stitching is a subtle "modern gray" in hopes of tightening up the overall impression. By combining "Tochigi Leather" leather on the inside, we have created a product with a warm leather that has an inorganic image.

・Classic:We use tanned leather that has both firmness and softness. Finished with a method called ``oil pull-up,'' which uses plenty of oil, you can enjoy a textured, natural shine and smooth texture.

・City:Made of tanned leather with a textured surface that gives it a glossy finish, it has a more urban look than the "Classic" series. You can enjoy a more sophisticated and adult atmosphere.

・Shrink: We use soft tanned leather with wrinkles. It fits comfortably in your hand from the beginning, and is less prone to scratches and lighter than the "Classic" and "City" series.

・Vintage:It is the same leather as the "Classic" series, but we use the parts of the shoulders and neck where there are many deep wrinkles and where there are many blood lines and scratches. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the vintage atmosphere and the original look of leather.

・Style-colors:The same type of leather as "Style" is used on the inside and outside. It is more resistant to scratches than tanned leather and does not change over time, so it is easier to handle even though it is genuine leather. The use of brightly colored leather and stitching reduces the heavy feel and creates a light impression.

・Zeaba:We use mature cowhide leather imported from Europe and tan it using Japanese tanners. The leather has just the right amount of elasticity and is made to retain the original wrinkles and other textures of the leather. At "C&L TRASCO", we are particular about the following points in finishing this product.

[Antibacterial] This is a chemical developed by mixing Zeomic®, an inorganic antibacterial agent developed using the antibacterial power of silver ion Ag⁺, for the first time in genuine leather, and a top coat agent for leather.

Features of Zeomic Prevents the growth of bacteria on the leather surface and keeps leather products clean. Zeomic, which is used in AG⁺ leather top coat agent, is a silver-based inorganic antibacterial agent that meets all antibacterial needs. ※Zeomic® is a silver-based inorganic antibacterial agent that was first commercialized by Sinanen Zeomic in 1984. It has many advantages over organic antibacterial agents, such as safety, sustainability, and heat resistance, and is highly rated not only in Japan but around the world. “Zeomic® is a registered trademark of Sinanen Zeomic Co., Ltd. ・Ag⁺ leather coating maintains the original characteristics of the leather.・Depending on the color, it may look a little cloudy. ・The Zeomic Ag tag certifies that the leather is coated with Zeomic Ag⁺ leather. ・The antibacterial effect varies depending on the frequency of use and environment.

・Abocado:We use tanned leather that has been given a soft finish by adding wrinkles to the leather. We use the same leather as the Shrink series, but the surface of the leather has unique parts, so no two products have the same pattern. In addition, since the finished product looks like an avocado, we released it as the Abocado series. In addition, the leather feels good in your hand from the beginning and is lighter and less prone to scratches than the "Classic" and "City" series.

・About tanned leather
Tanned leather is made by tanning the leather using plant-derived tannins without applying any processing to the surface (silver surface) of the leather. (Changes from skin to leather) Therefore, it is characterized by the wrinkles (tiger), scratches, blood lines, etc. that are the original taste of leather. In addition, although the leather itself is strong, please note that the surface is easily scratched and stains easily when it gets wet. In addition, the color will change due to UV rays and sebum on your hands as you use it, so please understand these characteristics and enjoy aging.

※ The color of dyed tanned leather varies depending on the lot or location of the same leather, and there are almost no products with the same expression.