Environmental efforts

We will work on environmental issues through the "C&L TRASCO" brand.

Reduce the use of paper made from trees.

1.Abolition of bundling of product order details.

Receipts and delivery notes can be printed from the purchase history for customers who have registered on My Page, or from the order completion page. (After payment processing)

2.Change the cosmetic box to simple packaging ☑ Place the box on the product page.

  We will issue a 100 yen green coupon to the selected customer.

  *Customers who wish to have their gift wrapped cannot use it.

 "About green coupons"

 商品ページ買い物かごの上に以下の☑ボックスがございます。There is a ☑ box below above the shopping cart on the product page.

 If you wish to cancel the gift box and change to simple packaging, please check the box below.


It will be delivered in an OPP bag as shown in the photo above. (This is an image)

 "How to use coupon code"

After the product is shipped, we will send you a coupon code for "Green Coupon 100 Yen". The attached coupon is valid only once.

Please go to the shopping cart and use the coupon code by pasting it in the input field. Please note that the discount is only valid at the time of ordering, so discounts cannot be applied after the order is placed.