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[Japanese craftsman made, Avocado series] Planner B6 / Bible size 25mm ring 6 holes

[Japanese craftsman made, Avocado series] Planner B6 / Bible size 25mm ring 6 holes

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Leather features

【Shrink Series】
It features an antique-like, soft and soft texture, is light to the touch, and gives the leather a quaint grain. 

In particular, the leather used for the cover of your personal organizer is a rare part with deep grain. 

You cannot make the same expression with the grain that is given to natural materials by hand. 
It is a natural leather design only for those who have this personal organizer. 


【Concept of Brand】

  【About Leather】

The process of making Tochigi leather ⇒ There are about 20 processes from leather to leather!

【About Tochigi leather used】
This leather is a tannin tanned leather that is tanned by soaking cow hide in a shibu tank for about a month, and is a material colored only with dye. Recently, it has been reviewed as a natural material with an ecological feeling, and by developing various treatment methods, it brings out a firmness and supple softness, and the glossy appearance has a natural shine with a texture, and it is with the conventional slime. Can now be used in a wider range of applications as a significantly different leather.

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[These options are only domestic delivery.] 

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