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[Japanese Craftsman Made / Carbon] Notebook & Memo Pad Cover Genuine leather & real carbon

[Japanese Craftsman Made / Carbon] Notebook & Memo Pad Cover Genuine leather & real carbon

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・The colors are matched with turquoise blue, fine red, and city black, which go well with matte carbon cloth.


【Concept of Brand】

【About Leather】

The process of making Tochigi leather ⇒ The process from leather to leather is about 20 processes!

【About Tochigi Leather】

This leather is a tannin tanning that is made by soaking cowhide in a shibu tank for about a month and then coloring it with dye only. Recently, it has been reviewed as a natural material with an ecological feeling, and by developing various treatment methods, it brings out a firmness and supple softness, and the glossy appearance has a natural shine with a texture, and it is with the conventional slime. Can now be used in a wider range of applications as a significantly different leather.

Leather is soaked with oil (oil pull-up leather) to add suppleness and give it even more depth.

《How to tie a bookmark》

【Name Options】

[These options are only domestic delivery.] 

・ Enter your name-free of charge (up to 10 characters)

※If you wish, please click the photo above (bare push type) to read the notes. (No need to purchase.)

Example) M. Kirihara (including 10-character period)

The simple embossing of the bare embossing is attractive.

The font size and font type cannot be changed.

There are restrictions such as the number of characters.


[These options are only domestic delivery.] 

Gift wrapping is available both free and paid.

・In the case of normal delivery (courier service) and wrapping, it comes in a cosmetic box.

※If you wish to use OPP bag for simple packaging by regular delivery (courier service), please indicate so in the "Customer Request Column".


【One Year Warranty】


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