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[Japanese Craftsman Made / Classic] Bookmark 6 color set

[Japanese Craftsman Made / Classic] Bookmark 6 color set

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[Japanese Craftsman Made] Bookmark, Tochigi leather, Nume leather (vegetable tannin tan)

※ The size of the book in the photo (above) is A5 size.


"Classic Series": It features a classic and calm texture, and is supple to the touch, soft and you can enjoy aging.

From left: Red, Blue, Olive, Camel, Classic Brown, Black

※ Nume leather is colored with dye, so the color may vary depending on the production lot and part.


※ The bookmark (left) is the bookmark (70mm x 20mm) that comes with our book cover.

【Free Initial Stamps】

※ Free initial stamps "Capital letters only" (Please enter the initials to be entered when ordering.)

If you wish, sorry to trouble you, but we will send you "initials" from "Inquiry". Please give me.


[Packaging Image]

・Normal packaging: Photo (bookmark, brand card, Tochigi leather red tag)

・The packaging is an image of the photo below.

・Normal packing condition: Photo (bookmark, brand card, Tochigi leather red tag)

※We do not offer free wrapping (free gift wrapping) to this product.

【about Shipping Cost】

・Delivery within Japan is done by Letter Pack Light.

It will be delivered to the mailbox of the destination, but if it does not fit, it may be handed over directly.

※Please note that you cannot specify the delivery date and time or cash on delivery. Also, depending on the quantity, it may not be available.

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