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[Japanese craftsman made /Vintage] Compact Wallet

[Japanese craftsman made /Vintage] Compact Wallet

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Compact Wallet
"Basically cashless payment, but I want to have a little cash and a card."
It is a wallet for such people.
Two cards can be stored.

You can take out the bills smoothly even when you have to pay cash.

The stitches are ivory common to all colors.
Product name | [Japanese craftsman made /Vintage]  Compact Wallet
Size                 |  Dimensions: Approximately 9.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 0.5 cm thick
※It is in a state where nothing can be put in the thickness.

Weight   | Approximately 30g
Material | Adult cowhide (vegetable tannin tanned)
Country of origin |  North American adult cowhide is tanned in Japan
・ Made by Japanese leather craftsmen

Vintage | We use the natural wrinkled parts of the shoulders and neck and the parts where blood lines and scratches remain.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy the vintage atmosphere and the original look of leather.

Features | Although it is a supple and durable material, the surface of the leather is easily scratched, so be careful not to interfere with other objects when carrying it in a bag.
Since it is a natural material, the original leather wrinkles, scratches, blood lines, etc. remain.
Even if the color is the same, the color may differ depending on the leather part and lot.
As the color changes over time, the color of the leather changes deeply.

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